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Green Heights Teak - Teak Wood Patio Furniture

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Teak Wood Patio / Garden Furniture:

These fine solid teak wood garden furniture are built from high quality, kiln dried teak wood with all brass hardware and mortise-and-tenon joinery construction.  This natural teak wood (not stained), when left outdoor, will weather to a silvery color over time and will last for years to come (see Maintenance and Care of Teak Wood Furniture).  The timber is cultivated under strict governmental regulations to ensure reforestation and protection of the forest.  Prices are listed at the end of each page (click on the selections to the left or below).

Kiln Dried Teak Wood Patio Furniture

Kiln drying (dried) of the teak furniture is one of the most important issues with teak furniture after the quality of the wood.  Proper drying of the teak wood furniture before and after assembling is very important.  It is recommended that the furniture be dried to lower than 12% moisture content which is what our furniture is dried to.  Furniture not properly dried will warp and crack over time, thereby, damaging the furniture.

Maintenance & Care of Teak Wood Furniture

Natural (least maintenance state):  Teak wood furniture turns to a silvery grey color over time as it weathers.  It is recommended that the furniture be lightly sanded with about 320 grit sand paper to smooth the grains as it ages.  Aged teak wood furniture, that is lightly sanded, is very smooth to the touch and elegant.  With minimal maintenance, the teak furniture will last a very long time.

Oiled (high maintenance state):  Teak wood furniture that is oiled turns to a light brown color when oiled.  It is recommended that the furniture be sanded evenly and re-oiled every year to maintain the oiled look.  Depending on the environment, it may be recommended that the teak furniture be oiled twice a year.

Stains and dirt:  For stains and dirt, it is recommend the teak wood patio furniture be washed with soap and water.  If the stain or dirt is still present, it is recommended the area be lightly sanded.  If the stain is very pronounced, coarser sand paper may be need to get the stain out.  Then finish the sanding with 320 grit sand paper.

It is not recommended to pressure wash or use other chemicals and cleaners on the teak wood furniture as it damages the furniture and is bad for the environment.